20190119 075728  Wokring on the track that services the coal tower dump/hoist house. 20190119 081441  A gaggle of locos getting sand. 20190118 161551  The ash/cinder pit and hoist 20190107 044742
20190104 171524  Gluing down the track in the  helper district lower service terminal. 20190119 081838  The new track in the helper district lower service terminal. There will be a small coal tower, water tower, and loco service facility here. 20190119 081901 20190119 081919  I plan to run 2-8-8-2 (prototypical) and 2-6-6-4 (on loan - non prototypical) as helper locomotives.
IMG 5843  I used my  photo printer to print the control panel for the turntable/roundhouse track.  Each track coming off the turntable (except for the 3 main inbound/outbound tracks) have toggle switches to control track power. There are 17 tracks total (4 garden tracks (4-7), 12 roundhouse tracks (8-19), and 1 service building track(20)). 20190202 093018  After installing the 17 toggle switches and Walthers turntable control unit. 20190203 170513  Wiring the 17 track power switches.  Because of the relatively long "feeder" runs, I used 18ga wire to run from the track power bus to the toggle switches and then 18ga back to the red track power feeder bus bars. 20190203 153310  And now all the tracks in the roundhouse have power!
20190203 153210 20190219 171355  It's time to do something about the very plastic nature of the Walthers turntable.  The deck is shiny and does not look like wood. 20190220 045506  Going to use a mix of Nutmeg Brown and just a little black for the bridge deck and track. 20190220 045433  After painting the bridge deck and track.
20190220 051805  Deck looks much better, but I need to paint the railings, tower, and driver's shed. 20190220 051735  The pit needs a whole lot of weathering.