Home Projects

This is a photo album that documents the construction of my HO gauge model train layout in our detached garage/workshop. Here is a link to the photo album showing the construction of the detached garage/workshop: http://www.onewolf.org/Album/HomeProjects/Detached%20Garage/index.html

Kitchen Remodel

We remodeled the kitchen in the summer of 2016.

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Detached Garage

We are having a detached garage/workshop built. I used Chief Architect Home Designer Essentials to create the floorplan and the 3D renderings. There will be enough room to store our 21 foot bay boat. a spot for our Ford Excursion, space for woodworking and tool benches, storage, kayaks, an air conditioned 10x14 workshop and 28x32 model train layout room, and a full bathroom.

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We had a hail storm in early spring 2014 that caused enough damage to the roof of our house that our homeowner's insurance chose to 'total' and replace our roof. We chose GAF Timberland HD "Weathered Wood" shingles which will also be used when the roof on our detached garage is built.

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Tiki Bar

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Backyard Patio

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The shower in our master bathroom has had leaks and mold/mildew issues for the last several years. The Florida building code for shower construction is astonishingly lax. I renovated the guest and pool bathrooms as practice for the "big job" master bathroom but eventually I decided that the master bathroom would be out of commission for too long if I did all the work myself. We decided to hire a contractor for the demolition and tile install tasks. We are replacing the all the tile, replacing the original vanities with a slightly different configuration, adding granite counter tops, adding seamless glass for the shower, removing the wallpaper border, and repainting.

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