IMG 4141  Two years ago I got several estimates to replace the main AC system for our house. It's a 5 ton system (everyone agreed the house needed only a 4 ton system), it was incorrectly installed, and it's a 10 SEER system which was the least efficient system they could legally install back in 2000. After getting the estimates ($7500-$10,000) we decided to wait until something 'broke'.  Well last week the compressor on the 5 ton unit died (1 year out of warranty).  Replacing just the compressor was going to be about $2500, so we decided to replace the entire system with a new state of the art 18 SEER Trane system. The new system will have a 2/4 ton compressor, and a variable speed air handler. Here's a photo of the current units.  The smaller unit on the left (1 1/2 ton) is for the bonus room (Home Theater) above the garage. It's still working fine.  The larger unit on the right is the 5 ton system being replaced. IMG 4144  Here's the old single speed, loud inefficient air handler. IMG 4145  Mmmm, the old air handler coils were nice and rusty. IMG 1495  This is the the existing return duct in the hallway which was 35% too small for the size of the old system.  The small size hurt it's efficiency and made the wind noise quite loud.  And occasionally we would find a kitty cat stuck against the grate because they couldn't overcome the tremendous sucking force.  Ok that's just a slight exageration.
IMG 1499  After removing the old air handler IMG 1500  A few months after moving into the house in 2000 I had a problem with the upstairs AC system condensation drain constantly clogging up and shutting down the system.  The AC guys who originally installed the system (Mills Air) concluded that the PVC drain for the upstairs system was damaged in the slab and basically unrepairable so they 'T'eed the upstairs drain into the downstairs drain line.  Of course it also had an uphill section where they made the 'T' connection under the air handler return box which I'm sure contributed to the ongoing issues I have had with the upstairs condensation drain system. The Wesson Air guys ran a new PVC drain pipe and made sure the upstairs drain has a smooth flow out of the house. IMG 1507  The new PVC drain configuration. IMG 1504  The new larger concrete pad for the new larger compressor unit.
IMG 1506  Gizmo helping out with an inspection. IMG 1509  Holy Cow it's a big unit  Apparently size does matter. IMG 1530 IMG 1510  Beginning to fit the new air handler return box.
IMG 1516  New plywood top for the new air handler to sit on. IMG 1498 IMG 1527 IMG 1518
IMG 1517  The 'emergency' electric forced air heat element. I hope we never have to use it! IMG 1528  They increased the return opening size to 20"x24". IMG 1523  The air handler basically installed. IMG 1524
IMG 1532 IMG 1534  The air handler return box was trimmed out nicely.  I need to get in there a repaint the laundry room soon. The Wesson Air 'Startup' guy is supposed to be out tomorrow morning to connect the low voltage components and thermostat, charge up the freon, and then startup, configure, and test the system.  More pictures to follow. IMG 1536 IMG 1537  The thermostat has WIFI capability and can retireve the current local weathe, and...
IMG 1539  Current local radar. IMG 1540  5 Day weather forecast IMG 1541  Overall system status IMG 1542  Humidity control