IMG 8598  We decided to have the house painted in early fall of 2008.  We wanted a deeper richer color than the original light pastel peachy cream.  The winning color combo was Sherwin Williams 'Trusty Tan' and 'Casa Blanca' for the trim.  That's trusty tan in the middle.  In retrospect it looks to have more gray in the sample square we painted compared to the actual color when the house was painted. IMG 8620  Here's the 'before' photo of the house showing what it looked like after we dug out the overgrown ligustrum hedges across the front of the house.  Also note that there is no decorative border around the bonus room windows above the garage. IMG 8627  So I hired a stucco guy to replicate the decorative border around the other windows. IMG 8672  Day 1.  The painters from Connelly Painting (Oveido FL, highly recommended) began sealing the windows/doors/etc in preparation to applying the seal coat.
IMG 8678 IMG 8680 IMG 8682  They taped everything! Including the garage door remote. IMG 8683
IMG 8686 IMG 8693  Spraying the trim color on the soffits. IMG 8702  Day 2: Spraying and back rolling. IMG 8703
IMG 8710 IMG 8712 IMG 8715 IMG 8716
IMG 8717 IMG 8718 IMG 8719 IMG 8720
IMG 8722 IMG 8725  At the end of day 2. IMG 8870  And then on day 3, the finished house. IMG 8867
IMG 8871 IMG 8865 IMG 8873 IMG 8875
IMG 8880 IMG 8876 IMG 8834  As a part of extending the driveway and having the house painted, I also took out the strip of lawn between the house and the driveway and planted some Plumbagos and mulched. IMG 8835
IMG 8887 IMG 8958  With the driveway extension I can leave the boat trailer hooked up to the Excursion and not block the garage. IMG 8910