IMG 8359  After fighting with the thin pavers on the pool deck/patio for 6 years I gave up and decided to replace the pavers with concrete and an acrylic texture finish.  The hope being that it would be easier to keep the patio cleaner (less smelly) because the older dog Bodee (RIP) peed all over the place on the patio/pool deck and the pee would just soak into the pavers and sand underneath. IMG 8360  Here's the patio after I removed the pavers.  This exposed the acrylic finish I had had done a couple years before the pool was built (and the pavers were installed).  This acrylic finish was very slick and would have been deadly slippery around a pool. IMG 8365 IMG 8367
IMG 8369  Lots of thin pavers!   Don't ever let anyone talk you into think pavers unless it's over a poured concrete slab. IMG 8647  Roughing up the slick finish on the patio. IMG 8650  Cedric 'the Concretonator' and his crew pouring the concrete topper on the patio. We had to pour a topper on the patio to match the height of the pool deck, IMG 8651
IMG 8654 IMG 8655 IMG 8657 IMG 8658
IMG 8659 IMG 8660  Of course we had a torrential downpour right after the concrete was poured. IMG 8662 IMG 8640  Since we were going to be pouring concrete on the pool deck, I decided to extend the driveway another 15' at the same time.
IMG 8652 IMG 8656 IMG 8815  We waited 30 days after the concrete was poured for it to cure before the finish as applied to the concrete. IMG 8816
IMG 8817 IMG 8820 IMG 8848 IMG 8849
IMG 8850 IMG 8856 IMG 8851 IMG 8884  And the finished pool deck!
IMG 8882 IMG 8885