IMG 8610-1  Ever since I had moved into the house back in the fall of 2000, I wondered what was in the 'wasted' space under the staircase.  So one day when I was particularly bored, I decided to investigate.  After creating an exploratory size hole from the train room I could see there was a potentially useful amount of space for a small storage 'cubbyhole'.  I thought it would be good practice for future home improvement adventures if I was to finish this area. IMG 8611  After cutting the initial holes I found that I was going to have to reroute some of the plumbing that services the utility sink in the garage.  Once this plumbing was complete I started work on the drywall.  The space is 39" x 44" and ceiling is between 32" and 58" tall. IMG 8613-1 IMG 8618-1  Looking from inside the cubbyhole back into the train room.
IMG 8624  I cutoff the two metal studs in order to widen the opening. I then built a double stack header using normal 2x4s. IMG 1078  Eventually I finished the drywall, painted, installed laminate flooring, baseboards, and a casement around the opening.  All tasks were good practice for future home projects. IMG 1083