The shower in our master bathroom has had leaks and mold/mildew issues for the last several years. The Florida building code for shower construction is astonishingly lax. I renovated the guest and pool bathrooms as practice for the "big job" master bathroom but eventually I decided that the master bathroom would be out of commission for too long if I did all the work myself. We decided to hire a contractor for the demolition and tile install tasks. We are replacing the all the tile, replacing the original vanities with a slightly different configuration, adding granite counter tops, adding seamless glass for the shower, removing the wallpaper border, and repainting.
IMG 4275  Day 0 - After clearing everything out of the bathroom in preparation for demolition the following day. IMG 4277  'before' IMG 4278  'before' IMG 4279  'before'
IMG 4978  Day 1 - In the midst of demolition. The wood 2x4s used for the shower step/sill were wet and rotting. IMG 4979  Day 1 IMG 4282  Day 1 - After the basic demo was complete. IMG 4283  Day 1
IMG 4287  Day 1 IMG 4982 IMG 4986 IMG 4987  Day 3 - Durock being installed. The shower floor liner and drain have already been installed.
IMG 4988 IMG 4989 IMG 4291  Day 3 - The durock backer board for the shower is close to being done The dark green stuff on the shower walls and floor is Mapei AquaDefense roll on liquid membrane to waterproof the shower/tub area. IMG 4990  Day 5 - Starting to layout the tile pattern on the floor.  The tile guy has noticed some significant uneveness of the slab so he is going to level the slab before laying the floor tile.
IMG 4991  Day 5 IMG 4992  Day 5 - Working on the placement of the medallions. IMG 4994 IMG 4995
IMG 4998  Day 7 - I have started to work on cleaning up the drywall issues.  I removed the medicine cabinet on "her" side and I am fixing the problem areas from where the old cabinet/counter/backsplash were removed and damaged the dry wall.  One other issue we have here is that an 84" tall linen cabinet is going in the corner so we need to move the electrical outlet. IMG 4999  Day 7 - I used tapcons to mount metal electrical boxes to the concrete block wall for the new light fixtures on both sides of the bathroom.  I rerouted the romex electrical cable and patched the resulting cuts in the drywall (the new location of the light fixture is on the 'other' side of a furring strip.. IMG 5003  Day 7 - Where the old towel hanger bar used to be on the right side of the tub/spa. IMG 5005
IMG 4295  Day 10 - They have basically finished the floor tile. IMG 4296  Day 10 - And started to work on the shower floor. IMG 4300  Day 11 - The front and top of the tub area have been tiled.  I think that the decorative band is going to work out great. IMG 4299  Day 11
IMG 4301  Day 11 - The shower floor has been completed.  The first row of 12" tiles on the shower walls is also complete. IMG 4302  Day 11 - Getting rid of the step over curb is going to be great! IMG 4305  Day 11 IMG 4307  Day 12
IMG 4304  Day 12 - There are two shampoo shelves in the left corner.  This photo also shows where FishDug's First Commandment of Tiling has been violated.  The 2nd and 3rd 12" tiles from the left on the top row are identical.  This will need to be fixed. IMG 4308  Day 12 IMG 4314  Day 14 - Since the tiling is taking so much longer than expected, I decided to get a head start on the priming coat for the new paint. IMG 4320  Day 15 - The 6" on diagonal tiles on the upper part of the shower walls have been completed.
IMG 4322  Day 15 - The violation of FishDug's "First Commandment of Tiling" has been fixed. See photo IMG_4304.jpg. IMG 5024  Day 16 - The sink plumbing was moved 30" to the right. IMG 5026  Day 16 - This area where the plumbing was moved will not be visible behind the vanity. IMG 4323  Day 16
IMG 4328  Day 16 IMG 4329  Day 16 - It was at this point that I noticed/realized that the shower glass wall between the shower and tub was going to bisect the decorative band.  And that would be very bad.  I'm not sure how none of us tile geniuses had noticed this before, but we had to remove the bulnose, 4" of decorative band, and two columns of 6" tile to fix this. Notice how close the tile gets to the window opening in this photo compared to later photos after this issue was fixed. IMG 4325  Day 16 IMG 4337  Day 16 - Finally done tiling.  Everything looks good and they will be grouting and cleaning up the drywall around the tile today. They also finished removing the wallpaper border above the shower so I can now finish painting the primer coat.
IMG 4342  Day 16 IMG 4346  Day 17 - Tiling and grouting is now complete.  Hooray!  They also cleaned up and textured all the drywall issues around the tile. IMG 4347  Day 17 IMG 4351  Day 17
IMG 4349  Day 17 - I verified that the tub/spa plumbing are still 100% functional.  The next steps are to:finish the primer coat of paint, choose a wall paint color, paint the walls, install the new vanities, get the granite fabricators to measure and then install the counter tops, sinks and sills, and then get the shower glass guys to measure and then install the shower glass enclosure. IMG 4354  Day 21 - This weekend the highest priority was getting the new vanity cabinets installed because Stone Crazy is coming out Tuesday morning to measure for the granite counter tops and sills.  Before installing the cabinets I painted the wall areas around the cabinets. This is 'her' vanity.  And Pudgely the big giant cow kitty. IMG 4361  Day 21 - I also moved the electrical for the outlet on the wall behind the new linen cabinet to the right side of the cabinet.  I used metal conduit to run the two pairs of 12-2 romex to the new outlet location.  I still need to install the toe-kick piece and crown molding around the top of the linen cabinet. IMG 5029  Day 21 - The old location of the outlet.
IMG 5031  Day 21 IMG 4358  Day 21 - "His" side of the bathroom. IMG 5034  Day 21 - I  installed a new Kohler medicine cabinet.  It's a huge upgrade over the cheap plastic medicine cabinets originally installed by the home builder. IMG 4363  Day 21 - Also a high priority for this weekend was to get the throne room painted and the new Kohler Cimmaron toilet/throne installed.  No more stumbing across to the other side of the house at O Dark Thirty in the morning.
IMG 4367  Day 23 - I finished priming the walls around the shower and tub area. IMG 5051  Day 25 -- Stone Crazy came out to measure and make templates for the countertops and sills. IMG 5048  Day 25 IMG 5042  Day 25 - This is the template for the sill on the half wall between the shower and 'her' vanity.
IMG 5046 IMG 5036  We are also adding a granite sill for the niche next to the master bathroom door. IMG 4369  Day 28 - Progress has been slow this week because we had to get ready for and participate in the neighborhood garage sale.  We finished painting the walls this morning. IMG 4372  Day 28 - The wall color is Behr "Parisian Taupe".   It looked more "taupey" (more gray, less fleshy) in the sample than it does on the walls.
IMG 4373  Day 28 - Gizmo the cat checking out the new paint color. IMG 4376  Day 28 - Pudgely, the head inspector. IMG 4378  Day 28 - Kelly requested the light fixtures be mounted 'globes down'.  I kept saying that 'globes up' would look better..... IMG 4383  Day 28 - 'Globes Up' was declared the winner.
IMG 4386  Day 32 - Stone Crazy is here installing the granite. IMG 4387  Day 32 - Initial impression of our granite choice is WOW, looks GREAT! IMG 4403  Day 32 - They just finished installing the countertops.  The caulk is still drying, The white caulk you see in these photos will dry clear. IMG 4388  Day 32
IMG 4398  Day 32 IMG 4400  Day 32 IMG 4401  Day 32 - I had also finished hooking up the outlet with the dark cover on the left side of 'her' vanity. IMG 4402  Day 32
IMG 4393  Day 32 - The niche outside the master bathroom. The white caulk will dry clear. IMG 4406  Day 37 - The new mirrors were delivered yesterday.  They were supposed to be delivered via freight handling company, but as soon as I was notified that they were being delivered via UPS I became anxious.  What MORON uses UPS to deliver large expensive mirrors?  One mirror made it ok.  I did an initial placement of the mirror here, but it needs to move slightly to the right and up about 1/2". IMG 4408  Day 37 IMG 5070  Day 37 - Here is the mirror that didn't make it.  Again, what moron ships large mirrors via UPS in a box with no rigid support?
IMG 4437  Day 75 -- The shower glass is finally being installed.  They had three weeks from the time they measured for the glass to get it installed before we went on vacation, but they didn't get the glass cut in time, so that added 3 weeks to the overall project. IMG 4438 IMG 4439  It looks pretty good. IMG 4440  But....
IMG 4441  The glass cutter cut one of the small pieces incorrectly by about 1/2" so now we have to wait for a replacement glass piece to be cut and installed.  Argh. IMG 4442