In December 2003 I got my first SLR camera for Christmas (Thank You Mrs. Claus!).  Along with the Canon Rebel 300D camera body, I received a Canon 75-300 f4.5-5.6IS lens, a Canon 50mm f2.5 macro with 1-1 converter, and a Tamron SP90 macro lens. After a couple months I discovered a number of shortcomings of the Digital Rebel so I upgraded to a Canon 10D and Mrs. Claus gladly inherited the Digital Rebel. Over the years I have acquired a decent collection of Canon lenses:  10-22, 24-85, 70-200 f2.8 IS, 100-400 IS, 300 f4 IS, and 400 f5.6.

I love taking photos while kayaking on the Wekiva river. I find the 100-400 lens to be my favorite because of the flexibility of the 100-400 zoom and the built in image stabilization.  Both of those features are very handy when shooting from a kayak.

Here are a number of photo albums of some of my favorite photos taken since I got my first SLR in December 2003.  I used JAlbum to create my online photo albums.  

The St Augustine Alligator farm has proved to be an excellent location to learn some very basic aspects of bird photography and is highly recommended.

Wekiva River

St Augustine Alligator Farm

Merritt Island National Wildlife Reserve

The pond next to our house

Space Shuttle 'Atlantis' -- Sept 9 2006