Tiki Bar

P6120098  Preparing all the woodworking tools for the coming battle P6120101  I've got the lumber I need for the base of the bar and the planks of rough cut African Sapele wood that I will use to make the bar top. P6120102  The basic frame for the base is complete P6120104  You can see the 4" bamboo poles I ordered from Home Depot to support the upper section of the Tiki Bar. I subsequently decided that 2" bamboo poles were stout enough to support the upper section.
P6130106  I sheathed the base of the bar in 7/16" plywood. P6130112  . P6130108  . P6180140  This is after I installed the two shelves and then I painted the first coat of the interior.
P6180142  . P6180144  I am going to mount a small flourescent light fixture below the bar top to light up the top shelf. P6180145  I'm going to mount a sliding shelf on one side of the bottom for an ice cooler. P6240098
P6240100 20130616 160700  Big shout out and huge thanks to neighbor Pat for helping prep the Sapele planks used for the bar top.  Without his 13" planer the bar top would not have been feasible. P6240102 P6250103
P6250105 P6250107 P6250108 P6250110
P6250114 P6250115 P6250116 P6260118
P6260121 P6270123  This morning I used a 2 1/2" hole saw to cut the holes in the bar top that the bamboo support poles will go through and I cut most of the bamboo pieces I need to construct the frame of the top. P6270124  . P6270125  .
P6290127 P6290128 P6290130 P6290131
P6290133  After four coats of Helmsman Spar Urethane, the bar top is 'ready'. P6300135  I moved the base out to the patio by myself. "With a long enough lever I can move the Earth". P6300137  Bar top looks nice on the base. P6300147  Starting to mount the 4 main upright posts.
P6300149  . P6300151  After lashing the 'roof'  trusses to the uprights posts. P6300153 P6300161  I ran the electrical for the hanging lights through the bamboo.
P6300164  Some "liquid sunshine". Just what I needed.  More humidity. :) P6300170 P6300172  The first row of grass roof is complete and I have placed the second/top row of grass mat.  Hopefully "option one" is NOT the bar stools we go with.  Blech. Eventually we are going to move the TV about 15 feet to the right above the center breakfast nook window. P6300181
P7080191 P7080192 P7080194 P7080196
P7080197 P7080199  The finished bar. P7080200  The finished bar. P7080201  The finished bar.
P7080203  There is a lot more room behind the bar than appears in pictures. P7080209  Storage for bar 'stuff' on the top shelf. P7080211  The front face of the base follows the line of the wall. P7080212  .