RC "Weeder" Boats

The "weeder" refers to the small gas engines which were originally stolen from Weedeater string trimmers.  Apparently, a few years back some brilliant guy thought "Hmmm, I've got this nice model boat hull, but I don't have an appropriate nitro engine, but I've got this weedeater thing which has a cool engine, and doing yard work sucks, so I can kill two birds with one stone by discombobulating the engine out of the weedeater and installing the engine in the boat."  And thus, Weeder boats were born.

I currently own 3 weeder boats:

48" Aeromarine 'Challenger' with a Blois modified Zenoah G-23 and Marine Specialties double rudder offset surface drive. 

chalside.jpg (45763 bytes)chalback.jpg (42299 bytes)chal2.jpg (22934 bytes)chal1.jpg (52736 bytes)

43" AC Model Boats 'Wild Thing' with a Marine Specialties Stage 1 modified Zenoah G-23 and a Hanson tuned pipe.

wildside.jpg (50111 bytes)wildback.jpg (86366 bytes)

43" AC Model Boats 'Magnum 67' with a Marine Specialties Stage 1 modified Zenoah G-23 (And the humongous Marine Specialties steel tuned pipe).

mag-back.jpg (53890 bytes)

Unfortunately, the weight of the Marine Specialties tuned pipe was too much for the very low transom on the Magnum 67 so I moved the pipe to the Wild Thing.

wild1.jpg (76258 bytes)wild2.jpg (53778 bytes)wild4.jpg (51394 bytes)

Check out the rather abrupt left turn made by the boat in the background.... That's some radical steering!

wild3.jpg (64849 bytes)

Here's the Magnum 67 with the "normal" Hanson tuned pipe.  The Magnum behaves much better with the Hanson pipe.

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Here's Bob's boat.  It's also an AC Models Boats Magnum 67.  The bondo on the bow shows what can happen if you take your eye off for even a couple of seconds.

bob1.jpg (45377 bytes)bob2.jpg (64395 bytes)bob3.jpg (66740 bytes)bob4.jpg (71048 bytes)