Nekton Pilot Dive Trip


In June of 2001, Bob and I took a scuba trip on the Nekton Pilot liveaboard dive boat.  We did the "Bahama Adventure" itinerary.  This includes dive sites off West End and Lucaya on Grand Bahamas, Bimini and Cat Cay.  The boat leaves from Ft Lauderdale on Saturday night and on Sunday morning you're in the Bahamas off West End, Grand Bahamas Island. We typically could do 2 morning dives, 2 afternoon dives, and a night dive.  At lunch the boat was repositioned to a nearby site for the afternoon/night dives.  There were several dive locations with current "issues", but we still got many dives in. We dove the following sites (and more!):

Since this was my first real dive trip, I focused mainly on surviving and improving my diving skills.  Ergo, I had little in the way of expectations regarding my underwater photographic expertise.  For good reason.

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Sunset over the "Sugar Wreck" North of West End on Monday evening....

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Sunrise off of Bimini on Friday morning....  I'm an early riser.

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These are my first attempts at underwater photography.  I've got a long way to go 'cause those darn fish just don't listen. :)  And then there's the whole film debacle.

These were print photographs which I digitized on my HP scanner.

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