Backyard Patio

IMG 1658  Ever since my grill and smoker got kicked off the pool deck I've wanted to build a small slab/patio in the backyard for my grill and smoker.  So I started by digging out an 8' x 12' area. IMG 1659  8' x 12' would be large enough for the grill, smoker and a chair or two. IMG 1660 IMG 3479  But then I started drinking beer.  Digging some more.  Drinking more beer and next thing you know my 8' x 12' patio had grown to 13' x 15'.  And I decided it would be much better to pour a new step from the pool deck down onto the grillin smokin patio.
IMG 3481  Now we're talkin!  There is a considerable change in elevation in this part of the yard so it required considerable dirt moving.  And beer drinking.  Here you can see Ralphie eying the beautiful fresh dirt/mud pit. IMG 3482 IMG 1667  I hired 'You Cart it Concrete' in Orlando to pour/finish the slab.  The head concrete guy was quite impressed with the engineering of my forms. IMG 1669
IMG 1670 IMG 1671 IMG 1673 IMG 1678
IMG 1683 IMG 1685 IMG 1687 IMG 1690
IMG 1699 IMG 1282  We can see that the grill and smoker fit comfortably. IMG 1283  We are going to plant a nice Queen palm in this spot. IMG 1284
IMG 5372  After the Zoysia sod has been established. IMG 5373  Smoking some ribs on Kelly's birthday.