Discus Grow Tank

Building a 40 gallon breeder tank to be used as a Discus grow tank.
20170818 093404  My initial lumber planning for the stand/cabinet.  The cabinet will be 40" tall and must be 'decent looking' because it will be living in Kelly's sewing/crafts room.  Therefore bare 2x4s painted black is not good enough. 20170819 044616  The beginning of the construction.  I used premium 2x4 studs and 2.5" Spax T-star screws for the basic assembly. 20170819 082117  After installing the 8 additional 2x4 columns in the corners.  This cabinet is WAY overbuilt for the weight of a 40 gallon tank.
20170819 073742  It's going to be a Discus grow tank with a bare bottom (BB) so I spray painted the outside of the bottom of the tank with a 'Stone' textured spray paint. 20170819 073840  The inside of the bottom looks sort of like sand which is what I was aiming for. 20170819 155934  After installing the 3/4" red oak veneer plywood bottom shelf, sides, and back.  I am starting to install the top trim piece.
20170821 183710  I installed wood trim to cover the corner seam of the 3/4" plywood. 20170821 183722  After staining the inside, sides, and back with MinWax 'Espresso' wood stain. 20170822 030806
20170822 052042  After staining the front. 20170827 102942  I applied 3 coats of MinWax Gloss Polyurethane and then moved int into the sewing room. 20170827 102954  I still need to build.install the front doors.
20170827 103007 20170827 163829  The front doors before I stained them. 20170827 163854  I used a router to contour the edges of the doors.
20170827 163916  After filling the tank.I plan to keep this tank at 87-88 degrees for optimal Discus growing. IMG 4909  I stained, clear coated, and installed the front doors. I think it looks like a 'decent' piece of furniture. IMG 4910  I plan to use a Penn Plax cascade 100 HOB filter and a Lustar Hydro IV (80 gal) sponge filter for filtration.  The LED light is a Beamswork ET Series.  The heater is an Aqueon Pro 150.  I am using Dr Tim's Aquatics Ammonium Chloride Solution and Seachem Stability to cycle the filters.
20170901 065142  The textured spray paint on the bottom of the tank is translucent when viewed from underneath. IMG 4976  I'm trying to do a fishless cycle on the filters using Ammonium Chloride and Seachem Stability.  I have the ammonia levels at 2ppm and now I'm waiting for some nitrite to show up. IMG 4965  I replaced the backdrop with a lighter colored backdrop.
IMG 4967 IMG 4969  We moved the tank/stand a little to the left so we could move the wine refridge into the sewing/crafts room.