90 Gal Community

90 gallon community (Discus) tank
IMG 4915  We have the tank temporarily setup in the garage while we wait for the cabinet/stand to be delivered. I am using this time to leach tannins from the driftwood and the cycle the filters. IMG 4912  We are going to use two Penn Plax Cascade 1200 canister filters for this tank.  This tank will have a 48" Current USA LED Plus and a 48" Beamswork EV LED lights.  The Beamswork EV puts out a lot more light for about half the price of the Current USA light. IMG 4914  Some Ohko/Dragon Stone that might be used when aquascaping this tank.
IMG 4972  The Aquarium Woods Grande Crown (http://aquariumwoodproducts.com/aquarium cabinet_grand series.html) stand/canopy were delivered to the LFS 5 weeks after ordering. We picked it up and setup the tank in the family room. I like the canopy setup with the front doors for easy/quick access and the whole front of the canopy can be flipped up/back for complete access. I still have the two canister filters cycling using 5 gallon buckets in the garage with Dr Tim's Ammonium Chloride and Seachem Stability.  We are waiting for the tannins to finish leaching out of some driftwood in our swimming pool before we aquascape and fill the tank with water. I plan to install a black backdrop for the tank as well.